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Gourmet Coffee Latte Art
At RTC we strive to provide an unforgettable experience to our guests with our locally sourced, globally inspired brunch, craft cocktails and gourmet espresso. The Rushing Family, having lived in Switzerland for some years, have recognized that quality should not be spared and every small detail counts. Where Swiss meets North Georgia culture, we aim to inspire a continuous adventure in your life.

We are a mother-daughter duo that started with a small coffee cart called “Chillybean Coffee Co.” in Norcross, Georgia. Mattie started as a young college barista, eventually moving up to train in New York City and Italy for coffee. This ultimately inspired a school project which became the business plan for the original Chillybean. Amber closed her successful photography company and dove head first with Mattie into the world of coffee and food. Chillybean graciously served to the art festivals, weddings, music festivals and movie sets in the Atlanta area starting in 2017.

Mattie & Amber Rushing
With hard work, we were able to open our first gourmet eatery here in Sugar Hill in January of 2019. Bringing you only the best products and service, we hope to make a small impact on your life.

We are glad you are here.

Mattie & Amber Rushing


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M-F | 8am - 2pm

Sat | 8am - 3pm

Sun | 9am - 3pm

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