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Gourmet Coffee Latte Art

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Rushing Trading provides training and classes for those who want to expand their knowledge on coffee! You will be able to take a short afternoon course that will explain the history and origins of coffee as well as learn brewing methods and latte art with a trained Master Barista.

The first hour will consist of a presentation and mini pastries to snack on. The second hour will consist of brewing methods and latte art using our espresso machine. We will also show you how to make your favorite coffees at home. Each student will be sent home with a certificate of training and a bag of our organic coffee.

1 Person ……………………. $70
2 People ……………………. $130

Email Mattie Rushing for questions and class times!

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coffee shop management & consulting

Rushing Trading Co. also offers help and assistance to new coffee shops opening all around the United States. We offer professional consulting which includes; designing a training plan, training your baristas, efficiently setting up coffee bars and more. We will add value to your coffee shop no matter the location.

We provide the customs plans to lead to your success. We include training manuals, checklists, hiring materials, marketing plans and helpful employee documents. We work one-on-one with business owners and coffee shop managers to give you the tools to be successful.

We would love to hear about your coffee shop! Contact Mattie Rushing for questions and pricing!

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